Mabast King

Hi, I’m Mabast King

I am a content creator and a social media influencer from Iraq. I have a passion to entertain people with my content. I have a desire to make a change in society with my work.

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About me

I was born on 27th January 1999 in Erbil Kurdistan. Being a Sagittarian, I never wanted to slow things down. Similarly, I have tried to take things fast in terms of creating content for my audience. I have always been self-assured, optimistic, and have had a flow for verbal communication. I studied at Erbil Technical Administrative College for four years, learning in the Media Technical Department.

I have a diverse set of skills and experience in the digital media industry. I am a multi-talented person who has experience in Video Editing, Audio Editing, Newspaper Design, Voice-over, Marketing Strategist, and Management.

I have a very creative and innovative mind. I enjoy creating pranks and making videos based on my daily life. This type of quality content has helped me gain the popularity I have been getting today. I was later known as Mabast King all over the world.

Ever since I was a child I was always interested to make some difference in society. I was able to do this through social media. I used Youtube and Instagram to express myself. I started my own Youtube channel back in 2017 to express my feelings and thoughts. However, over time I started gaining an online presence and soon shifted to creating funny content. I eventually started making videos of public phenomena in society with humorous commentary.

Through my memes, I began unwinding the reality of the Kurdish Society. I even created a Rewind called the Kurdish Rewing which spoke about the good and bad parts of the society.

I thoroughly enjoy creating Vlogs based. In most of my Youtube videos, I take the help of a monkey named Pushql who I consider to be my best friend. Over time, my Youtube Channel became my online community. I got a lot of love and admiration from the audience which truly overwhelmed me.

I have my own Facebook page called 5 dollars where I post funny and serious posts in the form of a meme.

Apart from creating content, I also have a passion for creating songs. In 2019, I created a self-made song called Slaw Bka. I have also worked as a professional model during the course of my work. In my free time, I generally go to the gym and sometimes watch certain movies.

I’ve always wanted to be a name that people will be proud of in the next few years because I’m working on the future and my goal in the future and the result is in the future. With constant efforts, I was able to achieve what many aspire to at a young age.

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